Friday, March 16, 2012

To Read list...

My to read list on is up at 307 books...Do I think I"m going to get to read all of these?? I sure hope to somehow. I keep adding cool books to it. I do wonder how many books does everyone else have in their pile to read?

I also have a pile of books by my bed that I need to read. Books books books! Everywhere is books.

I'm currently reading Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren on my iPad. So far so good.

The other day I went into the library and saw books there but I figured I should attack my books that I have at home first before even getting more books to read. It's addictive!


Roxy said...

My list is about the same but I've decided it's time to cull. I'm always adding things faster than I can read them and eventually the list just begins to feel like an insurmountable task instead of a great list of books to pick from. If I can't remember why I added it or it's not a familiar title it's probably time to drop it.

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