Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flamethroat Review

Disclaimer: I given this book by the author read in an exchange for an honest opinion and review!

Flamethroat: Fire Mage Book 2

Author: Kate Bloomfield
Publisher: Amazon
Published Date: July 28, 2012
Edition: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 300

Overview: Avalon Redding has returned to Mortlock to find her home destroyed, and her family missing. They have been taken by 'The Realm' for harboring an illegal human, Avalon's sister.

Desperate to find her family, Avalon travels across the country to the Headquarters of the Realm, with Healer Jack Greenwood, and animal companion Hawthorne.

Their friendship is tested when Jack is reunited with his estranged father, and falls under a strange beauty's spell.

Will Jack abandon Avalon during her quest? And is Hawthorne really one-of-a-kind?

My Take: The sequel! I have been waiting for this! As I read the first book a while back, it captured my attention of the adventures that Avalon goes on. The story left me wanting to know more about what happens to Avalon. Behold..Flamethroat has arrived.

As the journey continues, Avalon heads home with Jack and Hawthorne to see her parents as she finds her home destroyed. Worry, sadness and anger fuels inside of Avalon seeing her home and family gone. She wondered what to do next. Eventually she and Jack are determined to start a mission to find her family and save her sister. Another venture begins for them.

While on their journey to the Realm, Jack and Avalon run into many more energetic situations and obstacles. There is always one thing after that keeps Jack and Avalon on their toes. Some will leave you gasping and some will leave you screaming no!

The one question I had while reading this sequel was whether or not Jack and Avalon will remain as friends or become something more in the romantic department? I love how Jack and Avalon interaction is amazing. They would not leave one another unless it was something serious. Their relationship does get tested when another beauty comes into the picture. Does Jack fall for the beauty or does he remain with Avalon? You need to read this book to find out.

Of course there are some heart breaking moments in this book! One of them is when Jack meets up with his father. Emotions poured out of Jack towards his father. At first Jack was not sure to give his father a second chance but Avalon tells Jack he should just listen and gave a hint that family is important. Jack slowly takes her advice. Eventually Jack and his father reconcile.

Another part is when Avalon meets up with her parents as it was awesome that she found them but then there's the whole adventure of getting her sister back. The action in this process was amazing as her father was still protective of Avalon even though she knows how to take care of herself. I loved how her family, Jack, herself, Hawthorne and a few others band together to fight to get their loved ones back even though there was 50/50 chance that their loved ones would not be normal again. It had me on the edge of my seat to see what was going to happen! Were they going to get their loved ones back? Was Avalon sister going to be normal or not? Who was doing this to humans?

I was also glad to see Raevyn making an appearance in this book. She's a wonderful friend to Jack and Avalon! She is such a great character.

This book had me reading on and on which was fantastic. I could not put it down. When I did put it down, I was thinking about this story and what would happen to Jack and Avalon in their journey. There were at times in the story that I was surprised and happy with the way things went down. The book left me wanting more. So go get this book today on Amazon. Be sure to read the first book first! You won't regret this adventurous fun filled journey with Avalon!

By the way, I personally think the cover is stunning just like the first book was!

Story: A
Cover: A

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