Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ripper Review by Amy Carol Reeves

Disclaimer: I bought this book to read to give it an honest opinion!


Author: Amy Carol Reeves
Pages: 340
Publisher: Flux
Published: April 8, 2012

It's 1888, and after her mother's sudden death, Abbie is sent to live with her grandmother in a posh London neighborhood. When she begins volunteering at Whitechapel Hospital, Abbie finds she has a passion for helping the abused and sickly women there.

But within days, patients begin turning up murdered at the hands of Jack the Ripper. As more women are murdered, Abbie realizes that she and the Ripper share a strange connection: she has visions showing the Ripper luring his future victims to their deaths--moments before he turns his knife upon them. Her desperation to stop the massacres leads Abbie on a perilous hunt for the killer. And her search leads to a mysterious brotherhood whose link to the Ripper threatens not just London but all of mankind.

My Review:
The cover caught my attention immediately! I purchased this book and then started to read. The setting takes place in 19th century in London. The author immediately makes you feel like you are there during that time period. Of course I liked how Abbie gets thrown into the world of the medical field. She seems to be the type of gal that can handle anything thrown her way. If I was thrown into that situation I don't think I could handle the cases that Abbie attended to. Abbie seems very interested in learning about the medical field and wants to pursue it. I thought this was great. During that time, it was very rare for women to try to pursue this considering most were to be married and have children.

Anyways, the main character is Abbie who has a wild spirit like her mother but is living with her grandmother who wants her to act a certain way. Her grandmother wants Abbie to have the proper upbringing. Although Abbie tries to abide her grandmother's rules but she knows better than to go down that path. She's a generous, kind and a hard worker character.

While she continues to volunteer, she gets visions tied in with Jack the Ripper killing the victims. Abbie is very brave to tolerate those visions she gets. I know I would be out of mind if I saw what Jack the Ripper did. This also gets Abbie's curiosity peaked as she tries to solve who Jack the Ripper is. Abbie also feels guilty that she had to see those women die and she cared for them.

Of course there is a love triangle in this story. There is Simon and William. The one thing different about this love triangle compared to the usual one is that Simon and William are both good guys. It's not like the good guy vs the bad guy. Okay Simon genially cares about his patients and would be a great approval from Abbie's grandmother as well. Simon is a saint type of guy. Then there's William who is a great physician as well but holds back in trust a bit. Simon is a bi tore open while William is a bit more closed. Who will Abbie go for?

The ending let me wanting more. Is there a second book? I so want to see what happens next with Abbie, Simon and William. Will the Ripper get caught? What will be next?

Cover Rating: A
Story Rating: B +

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