Thursday, October 4, 2012

Author Signing!

Around 4 pm yesterday I was checking out twitter and I spied a tweet from Libba Bray saying that she and the author Maggie Stiefvater were going to talk about their books at a bookstore in Glenview, IL called The BookMarket!

Here is the tweet:

"@mstiefvater & I will be shaking things up tonight at Barbara's Bookstore in Glenview, IL, 7PM. That's TONIGHT, peeps! #Diviners #ravenboys"

So I texted my husband to tell him that there was an author signing yesterday. He said I should go. I looked it up to see how far it was exactly. It estimated about 50 minutes. Well I knew where Glenview was considering I had been in that area years ago when I had two friends living out there. I thought to myself 'Well I could get there but not on exact time considering when my husband gets home and got to feed the kids.' At first I wasn't sure but then I changed my mind and gave it a go. Hubby comes home, dinner is served and then my kids want my attention as usual.

I got in the car and grabbed the gps with me, just in case. It was dark, raining on and off in various areas. Once I got to the one road I knew of, I was totally fine. Although the gps was trying to take me a different way. I don't know which way was faster - I'm assuming they were both the same.

Found the store as the picture is shot from up above! The store itself was great. Nice selection of books everywhere for everyone! I liked that store. The event started at 7 pm and I arrived at around 730ish or so..Both authors were chatting and reading about their books as I kind of waited a bit until they got done to go inside to get Libba Bray's The Diviners signed! There was about 10-15 people there. This was my first time going to an author event! Very cool.

Both authors took their time signing and answering questions along with chatter. You can see the photo up above. It was great to see that. I like how authors take their time to get to know their readers and what kind of readers to they have! I believe that the readers ranged from teens to adults buying both books. I just ended up purchasing Libba Bray's book because it was very interesting. I have read her "Great and Terrible Beauty" series which I loved.

It was my turn to get my book signed. I told her name and then mentioned that it does have an H at the end. People always ask how do I spell my first name with or without an H. We chatted and she was great! I asked her how long it takes her to write and she replied. It was great to get that insight on how long the process takes authors to complete their novels! Thank you Libba!

I also got to snag some buttons and a necklace related to Libba Bray's new book! It was pretty neat. (See photo up above)

I had fun and will be on the look out for future book signings to go to! Both author's website links are below, follow them!

Libba Bray Website

Twitter name: @libbabray

Maggie Stiefvater Website

Twitter name: @mstiefvater


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