Monday, March 18, 2013

Falling Ashes Review

Disclaimer: I was given this ebook to read to give it an honest opinion only!

Falling Ashes

Author: Kate Bloomfield
Format: eBook
Published: February 14, 2013

The Final Installment to: The Fire Mage Trilogy.

Avalon has made a lot of dangerous enemies. The Realm has issued a bounty on the infamous Fire-Mage's head, labelling her leader of the human-alliance, and traitor to Mage-kind.Soon, strangers begin to recognize Avalon after seeing her wanted poster in the streets, and seek to earn the cash reward for her capture. Forced to go into hiding, Avalon flees, not knowing who to trust, or what to do. Yet something frightens Avalon more than the Realm; her own burning desire for revenge which threatens to consume her, and turn Avalon into the monster the government depicts her to be.

Destinies are revealed, and fates unfurl in this epic finale to 'The Fire Mage Trilogy'.

My Review
I loved the last installment of this series! It was great to see what Avalon goes through towards the end of her amazing journey. Avalon is quite a character.

There are some great new characters mentioned and quite a few surprises as well! The new characters I took a liking to some of them. I like how the author came up with different characters in the book that have different abilities. It kind of has a clash of Xmen and magic. That what comes to my mind when I read these series. As for the surprises, you'll have to read about it! I'll give you one hint thought: Hawthorne!

The adventure that Avalon goes on this time around is quite a whirlwind! She has her ups and downs in the book which I loved. I enjoyed reading the emotions that came out from the book. Besides Avalon dealing with emotions, it was nice to see Jack's emotions as well. Hurt, jealousy, laughter, worried some, anger all played a part in this book! I loved how Avalon's father played such a great part in this book too.

Action is never ending in this book. There is always something happening. I loved how I could keep up with the action in the book on the matters of taking down the government who is doing awful things to humans. It's a powerful read!

The ending of Avalon and Jack's future was quite nice to see. It was cute! It wasn't what I was expecting to read in this last book. Thanks to Kate for that!

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