Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sarah Dessen Book Signing Event

Last night was a book signing event at Anderson's Bookstore in Naperville, IL for the author Sarah Dessen. I'm such a fan of her books! She writes so beautifully and tells such amazing stories! I got into my car and set up the GPS to go there. Well the lovely GPS took me the back roads which was fine and I did not come across any flooding! While I was on my drive, I saw some beautiful gorgeous huge houses on my way.

Once I hit the town Naperville, IL - downtown area - they had some amazing historic homes there! I just drooled at that. So I went down the street and found the bookstore. My next thing was to get a parking spot. I kept my eyes out and did not find anything close of yet. I circled liked a hawk twice and presto!! I found a spot. Of course I had to walk about half a block which was fine with me. People were out and about anyways. I spied a Starbucks and an Mac Apple Store as well. I took photos of those and sent them to my husband since he's a fan of those.

I entered the store and took my bearings for a moment. I then went up to the counter to get my books that I pre ordered and got my ticket number. There was a line and also had to wait a bit which was not bad. When I arrived it was around 7:15 pm or so. I could not get there in time although I did my best! They were on number #40 when I arrived and my number was #51. So after waiting for about 15-20 or so, I was next in line to go. A lovely mom there with her daughter told me the number since I could not hear it. Thanks to that mom! There were tons of people there..some were teens and some were not! It was a great experience!

Once in line, the person up there asked what name I would like in the book. Well I had two books! One is for me and the other is for my blog for a giveaway! So my book has my name in as the giveaway book just has Sarah Dessen's signature in it! So when it was my turn, I got there and had her sign the books, got a photo take with my iPhone and then thanked the author. I also gave Sarah Dessen some pendants that I made for her and her daughter. I hope she liked them!

After I got my books signed, I used the restrooms and took note of all the people that were there! It was awesome to see. Then I browsed around in the bookshop! I did not buy anything else but was very very tempted to!

Then I headed back to the car and thought I need to get gas. I checked with the lovely GPS and got gas and then headed back out. Well I took the expressway home and it began to snow! What the heck? Snow in April??? So I drove thinking if it was that bad I could stop at my mom's! So I drove and then all the sudden it stopped snowing. So I headed home. While driving I had to go onto ramp to get to another expressway, well luckily I saw this stupid truck driver who was on my left hand side cutting me off to get on the ramp! If I did not see him, I think there would have been an accident. I was pissed at the truck driver. After that I headed home nicely!

Here is a photograph of me with Sarah Dessen and then the book that I'm giving away! Thanks again to Sarah Dessen for coming out to Illinois battling the strange weather we had! I am also looking forward to her new book coming out June 2013 "The Moon and More!"


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