Monday, July 1, 2013

Colleen Gleason at ALA2013

I finally got to meet Colleen Gleason! I've been a fan of hers since she wrote The Vampire Gardella back in 2007! I've read the whole set of that and then I heard she has a new spin off of The Vampire Gardella, I had to have it! The next book I read was Roaring Midnight (review coming soon) which was amazing as well! I was excited. Then I heard about her young adult book called The Clockwork Scarb (Stoke & Holmes #1) which she was signing at ALA2013! You bet I was going to get to meet her and get books signed!

She and I have chatted through Facebook and Twitter which I love. She's just a friendly person! She signed the arc of The Clockwork Scarb which was at ALA 2013, Roaring Midnight (which I brought from my collection, order it online if you are interested!!) and then the first novel she ever wrote The Vampire Gardella (once again from my own collection & find it online if interested)! Plus I got a snapshot of her with me too. I look awful in the photo, don't I? Ugh. Anyways that made my day! She had tons of people lined up to sign and hope many people are aware of her awesome writing. She rules.

Check her links out below:




Nadia said...

Her books are wonderful and you're so lucky to get an ARC of The Clockwork Scarab!

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