Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Rebel's Stone Teaser by PT McHugh

Doc doesn't believe that Dresden survived his escape. He thinks we're safe, now that Dresden has disappeared.

But I know differently. I know what I saw when he escaped, and the stone made sure I understood what it meant. Now I have to find him. No matter how much Doc tries to convince me otherwise, the stones don't lie. Dresden is still out there, somewhere. And I have to stop him, before he does anything else to damage history.

Because the world won't be safe until I do.

Follow Jason Evans and his friends on their newest quest to save the world in A Rebel's Stone by PT McHugh, coming in spring 2014.

She was curled up in the fetal position, lying in the dark, surrounded by concrete or stone — I couldn’t tell. Iron manacles were wrapped around her wrists and ankles, rubbing them raw, leaving blotches of blood on her legs and arms. Her hair was matted, and every inch of her skin caked in filth. I couldn’t see her face, and it would have been too dirty for anyone else to identify, but I knew all too well who it was.

Even before she lifted her head and whispered my name.

I’d had this dream before. In fact, I’d had it every night for the past three days. Every night since our return. It was Katherine … and she was pleading for my help.

-- A Rebel’s Stone, April 2014. This time, they’re not all coming home.


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