Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gimme A Call Review

Disclaimer: I bought this book to read to give it an honest opinion!

Title: Gimme a Call

Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 5/24/2011
Pages: 320

A new life is just a phone call away!

Devi's life isn't turning out at all like she wanted. She wasted the past three years going out with Bryan—cute, adorable, break-your-heart Bryan. Devi let her friendships fade, blew off studying, didn't join any clubs . . . and now that Bryan has broken up with her, she has nothing left.

Not even her stupid cell phone—she dropped it in the mall fountain. Now it only calls one number . . . hers. At age fourteen, three years ago!

My Take
I loved the cover of this book which caught my eye along with the author's name. I've read a few of her other books, so I decided to give this one a go! It took me a while to read this book due to the fact I had many things going on in my life. Overall I liked how Devi talks to her younger self into things to try to make her life better. Sure the book had its moments of quirky things happening like trying to win the lottery and doing too many things at once. I think throughout the process of the book that Devi eventually learns of good and bad decisions can effect you no matter what the outcome is. Life does that and you have to deal. I did find myself liking Freshman Devi than Senior Devi. While I read this book, the question did pop in my mind of "What would I have changed back in high school?" The answer to that has me thinking of a few things that I would have done differently but not to the extreme I think. I would probably tried to join the art club or even pursue writing more poetry or something like that. Sure I did try out for the dance troupe but didn't make it which bummed me out big time. As for dating wise, sure I had a few crushes but was too damn shy to talk to the boys back then. Anyways the book was an interesting read.

Cover Rating: A
Story Rating: C



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