Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful Decay Review

Disclaimer: I bought this book to read to give it an honest opinion!

Beautiful Decay
Author: Sylvia Lewis
Pages: 304
Published: April 9, 2013
Publisher: Running Press Kit

Ellie Miller has always needed her space. Literally. With a touch that rots whatever she encounters, Ellie must keep people at a distance for their own good. Not that her classmates are itching to be best friends with the "freak" of the high school.

So when newcomer Nate MacPherson makes it his mission to get close to her, Ellie has her suspicions. But when he identifies her as a viviomancer who can work the forces of life and reveals himself to be a necromancer who can manipulate death, Ellie finds herself trusting Nate and the romance that is blossoming between them. Unfortunately for the two, family secrets can kill, and they will need more than their abilities to keep a zombie mom and a conglomerate of evil-doing supernaturals under control.

After spending her life pushing everyone away, Ellie's realization of the full extent of her power and willingness to let people get close to her may be the only way to save the ones she loves.

My Take:
I found this little special gem at the bookstore while browsing about! The cover just jumped out at me and said 'read me!' I had to take this book home.

I enjoyed Ellie, the main character quite a bit. Ellie is shunned in town due to her ability which I think takes a toll on her. So she fades in the background as much as she can, keeping to herself. As time goes on as she learns about Nate, the new guy. After hanging out with Nate as best as they can, usually through phone calls, she learns to stand up for herself. She realizes she does not have to be afraid and can control her ability. You will read Ellie being sarcastic quite a bit in the book. THe one thing I did not like was the fact that her mother and father were not very close to Ellie. Her parents did not take the time to be involved in her life as Ellie herself did the same thing.

Nate is a guy who has a lot going on in his life and was surprised that someone like Ellie was in the school that he attended. He tells her things such on matters of his life, the ability he has and what her ability is. Ellie seems to be cool with what he speaks of and takes it all in as best as she can. He is a guy who is straight to the point and swears quite a bit, but is very protective. He dislikes people who get picked on. You will be able to see this in the story and I think it is a great trait for Nate. Nate lives with his mom and she has this special need which Nate takes care. I admired Nate for doing what he does.

Then there's Mackenzie, Ellie's best friend whom she met online. I love those those two connect and tease each other. They are so great! I love how Mackenzie talks of different hair colors she tries and asks for Ellie's input. I can see these two being best friends for life. Mackenzie also has a secret as well which I thought was very, very cool. What will Mackenzie's reaction be if she finds out about Ellie's ability and the drama she is going through? Will she still remain friends or no?

As you get closer towards the end of the book, danger arises! Nate, Ellie and Mackenzie get thrown into a world of action, drama and suspense. The first few pages of the book captured my attention. As I continued to read, I could not put this book down. I had to know what Ellie's world was about and why she was there and what was going to happen to her. It was amazing how the three of them worked together to the best of their knowledge. Ellie is one tough cookie, Mackenzie has that smart gene, and Nate knows enough to get by. The ending was kind of left open which makes me wonder if there will be a sequel! I hope so. So go find this little gem and read!


Story Rating: A
Cover Rating: A


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